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Hope ya'll been studying.

Sometime this week, maybe in the next day or so, I'm gonna post a review. I'll do this every so often so that everything stays in your head.

And, if you'll be ever so kind and "whore" me around? At the end of a few of your entries put "hey check out iheartjapanese" Or something like that, and in a few communities after a post or something. That'd be so much appreciated.

And, if any of you want to write something in Japanese like maybe a line in your journal or something, and don't know how to translate to, feel free to ask. You can add my personal journal, licorice_lace. Tell me you're adding me here, or I'll never know.

As for you wanting to know what your name is in Japanese, can't help you there yet, I'll look up how it is that works. I know your name will be in Katakana if it isn't Japanese, which most likely, it isn't. I'll probably have a lesson on how to write your name in Japanese when we get to Katakana.

That's all I need to say for now. Anything you need to ask or know?

Like the layout?

And, maybe you'll like some of my other communities:

Varied, but mostly journaling and photography and junk.
Community for the Mad Skills Photography Contest, it
just started so go vote and stuff.

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